Rimless tank aquarium with Panda Cory's and Red Cherry Shrimp

When cleaning out my main tank (64 Litres) I took the lid off so I could get into it, and noticed how nice it would be if it was a rimless aquarium. See previous post for more detail A few days later I pulled out the big piece of driftwood that was shaped like a tree, […]

Shrimp Nano Tank Aquascape design red cherry mini

So the time came to do a re-scape of my little 12 litre nano shrimp tank (Above picture is still cloudy). The main reason is that the Shrimp didn’t really take to the tank, a few died, and none of them have reproduced. So I decided to re-scape it. The main feature, a piece of driftwood, […]

64 Litre Aquarium rescape natural look

Tuesday 3.11.15 Now that my tank doesn’t contain a large Fluval U2 submersible filter (as I bought a new external canister filter) and neither any Bristle Nose catfish it’s time for a rescape. I realised I can change the layout quite a bit. Originally having a large piece of bog wood, and now a large gap […]