Nano blackwater aquarium with neon tetras

This is my first time setting up a Nano Blackwater Aquarium, the neon tetra biotope is something iv always wanted to recreate. By nano, I mean 60 litres. Its a special tank, one that’s meant for turtles. So its long (80cm) but not very wide or high, its 30cm wide, and only 24.5cm high! That’s very shallow. Considering such small dimensions, this tank is great for a small, fast swimming fish.

Neon Tetras in a planted tank

I have to admit, these amazing little fish were an impulse buy, neon tetras. Neon Tetras are one of the most popular fish in the aquarium hobby. However I have never really kept them properly. They’re small, cheap and very colourful. I bought 6 of them, to go in my little 30 litre, Dennerle Shrimp […]