how to reinforce an aquarium stand

This 64 litre used to be my main tank. After upgrading to the 4ft, it’s been in my loft. Iv posted a load of posts about the 64 litre. I currently have a 30 litre Dennerle cube tank sat on an IKEA unit that I recently reinforced. I reinforced the unit specifically to hold the […]

Neon Tetras in a planted tank

I have to admit, these amazing little fish were an impulse buy, neon tetras. Neon Tetras are one of the most popular fish in the aquarium hobby. However I have never really kept them properly. They’re small, cheap and very colourful. I bought 6 of them, to go in my little 30 litre, Dennerle Shrimp […]

Aquael Pat Mini sponge filter review for shrimps

My original filter My shrimp tank started off with a standard air driven, sponge shrimp filter. One of those that use an airline and a noisy pump. A pretty simple, great filter for shrimp, that is very common. While this wasn’t extremely powerful, it was very, very noisy. This air powered pump was very loud, […]

Acclimating red cherry shrimp for the nano cube shrimp tank

You can read the rest of the series here, if you haven’t already. Day 3 The water has cleared and it’s a stable 25c. The cube shrimp tank looks great. I’ll just have to hope some of the more harder to keep plants don’t die off as it’ll be a pain re-planting now. I caught […]

Dennerle nano shrimp planted tank cube 30 litres

You can read the introductory post and part 1 if you haven’t already. Continuing with the Day 1 post. Day 2 I filled the rest of the tank up with more water and started to plant the remaining plants I had from my other shrimp tank. Also planting the larger plants at the back. The […]