aquarium set up time lapse

Shrimp Tank Time Lapse

Video time lapse from the very beginning.

Taking down the 30L Dennelre Shrimp Tank, and the rebirth of the 64 Litre.

The recording went very well, however the only downfall is that I don’t have an expensive video camera, just my iPhone 7. But it’s not too bad, still 1080p.

The taking down, and then setting up took me about 2 hours and I chopped and sped it up to about 11 minuets now, so it’s watchable. It went very smoothly as I pre-planned everything. I had a huge piece of cardboard on the floor, which I could throw everything down on to which made it easier.

Took me a long time to edit all the clips so I just get the parts where I’m actually doing something.

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