New plants added to the planted tank

Plant progress and new plants in the main tank

Bought some more plants from my local fish store today, for my main tank, and thought I’d show some plant progress.

After looking at my Shrimp tank and how much of a forest it is, my main tank looked a bit bare. So I bought a few more plants that should really pack the tank out, once they are grown.

I also bought some more gravel and just tipped it all down the back of the tank to provide more of an anchor point for the existing, and new plants.

I thought i’d also show the progression of the plants and how they’ve grown, since I rescaped the tank, to roughly a month and a half later, the plants have really grown in.

I don’t use any fertiliser at all, so in essence the growing rate of all my plants is slow in comparison to Co2 inject tanks and those dosed with fertilisers.

None of my photos are Photoshopped, straight from the Canon.

new plants before they have grown in to the tank
Just after I rescaped the tank. I removed all plants and re-planted them. Looking a bit bare.
plants after they have established themselves in the tank, you can the see plant progress
About a month and a half later you can see how much the plants have grown.
adding new plants to the aquarium
New plants I bought to really pack out the tank (at least when they’ve grown a bit more).
New plants added to the planted tank
New plants have been added today. At the moment they don’t look like much but the tank is now heavily planted, and if they all survive and grow it will become a real jungle. I’v planted most of them towards the back as they are background plants.
New plants added to the planted tank New plants added to the planted tank New plants added to the planted tank