Diamond Tetras

New Diamond Tetras

It took me ages to capture these macro shots of my Diamond Tetras, I should have a video up soon! Edit: Video below

My new 140 litre tank with my two canister filters, 9 Ember Tetras and 6 panda corys came up as 1000% filtrated when entered into aqua advisors calculator. This means I was very much in need of some fish. Probably the most exciting aspect of the hobby is going out looking for fish (in the shops).

I was thinking about which fish I wanted before i even bought the tank, as you do. Originally wanting lemon Tetras, then finding out about Diamond Tetras. I was mainly looking at these types of fish because they’re easy to look after and are on the larger side of Tetras measuring at almost 6cm at adult size. Tetras are on the easier side of fish keeping and they don’t get too big.

Diamond Tetras

In my local fish shop, I actually saw 10 Diamond Tetras in the flesh, and they looked beautiful. Silver fish with a slight glittering shimmer across their scales, representing the diamonds. I bought them, and added them straight to my main tank, which I know I shouldn’t have done.

I do have my quarantine tank set up, but I didn’t want to rip any of my existing filter media out of the newly set up tank as it’s just getting settled. I need as much good bacteria in my filters as possible.

Diamond Tetras

The fish looked fine, I floated them in the bag for about 20 mins to acclimate and then let them loose with the lights off.

As soon as I introduced them they didn’t hide like newly introduced fish normally do, they whizzed around the tank, and even eat a couple of hours after. What’s funny is that my Ember Tetras being nearly half their size actually swim around with them.

I absolutely love these fish. At the moment they’re juveniles, once they grow to maturity their colours should come out a lot more.

Diamond Tetras

They’re called Diamond Tetras obviously because of their shimmering scales but they also have a purple hue to their fins which you can see when they flare them out. They’re also aggressive eaters which is what I really wanted. I love seeing fish that diminish any food you put into the tank. I found my Ember Tetras to be a bit shy when eating.

If I can successfully keep these fish, in a few months I may get another 10. I also want a pair of Aspistos which I will definitely be quarantining, so that will be very interesting.

I got the macro lens out and attempted my very best at capturing some shots as you can see. The fish do swim off very fast.