Staurogyne repens carpet plant aquarium aquascape

New aquarium rescape, adding a Staurogyne Repens carpet

The 64 litre shrimp/neon Tetra tank had overgrown to the point where no light was entering the tank.

The fish were happy as ever, obviously. But the tank looked a bit overgrown, and a bit of a mess. To stem my boredom of this tank, I decided to rescape the whole tank.

Staurogyne repens carpet plant aquarium aquascape

Complete re-scape

Doing a complete Rescape is that that requires bravery. Pulling out all your plants knowing the water is going to turn brown and the tank will look a barren mess. But when you know it has to be done, you can’t help but delve into it. That’s the case for me anyway.

The end goal for this tank is to have a whole bunch of red cherry shrimp, the neons are just the addition.

I went for a complete Staurogyne repens carpet. I couldn’t bring myself to remove the huge Amazon sword I had, so I kept the sword in the middle, added a couple of rocks, and a piece of wood twirling out from within. The rest, the very start of a Repens carpet.

Before & After

overgrown jungle of an aquarium
This was the tank before I started the rescape with the repens carpet
Staurogyne repens carpet plant aquarium aquascape
Just after planting the Repens, doesnt look like much, but 3-4 weeks after its starting to look a lot better
Staurogyne repens carpet plant aquarium aquascape
3-4 weeks after first planting the Repens carpet. Some of the plants are already starting to spread sideways, as planned.
Staurogyne repens carpet plant aquarium aquascape
Update: 2 months later, with no co2 or fertilisers.

A Staurogyne Repens carpet isn’t your typical carpeting plant. It doesn’t require co2 and high lighting like your typical baby tears or Monte Carlo. It’s more of a stem plant that grows sideways, when cut back short. Cutting this stem plant back short, encourages horizontal growth.

This tank is amazing when it comes to growing plants. I don’t add anything to aid plant growth. Just bi-weekly water changes (It’s stocked very low on fish) and rinsing out the sponge filters now and again is all I do. So I’m excited to see how this plant will grow and hopefully I’ll get the end result I want, a jungle of a carpet.

Time-lapse video

Start to finish video of me tearing down the old tank, and rescaping the whole thing again, with the Staurogyne Repens carpet.