fish food kept in air tight sealed jars fresh

How long does fish food last and how to keep it fresh

I’ve read a few articles on how long fish food, generally lasts for.

Although technically you can keep fish food for years, once the food has been opened it seems the nutrients etc will begin to deplete after about 6 months, this is when you should chuck it away.

In my opinion fish food doesn’t cost a lot, and although after 6 months the food I buy has barely ran out as I only have small fish, it is something that I do. A precautionary measure in order to keep my fish at their best health.

fish food kept in air tight sealed jars fresh

However I also read that to keep it fresher, you can keep it stored in air tight, sealed jars. So straight away I went into TK Maxx and bought a set of four, small jars.

I think they look quite nice.