Blue rainbow fish in a planted tank

More Diamond Tetras, and Rainbow fish

I went to the aquarium shop knowing that I would be purchasing more Diamond Tetras to add to the boisterous shoal that I already have. 10 Diamonds strong. I bought another 8 as their deal was £10 for 4. You don’t mess with 18 Diamond Tetras.

I didn’t know that I would also be coming home with four Blue Rainbow fish. I think they’re Blue Rainbows, or maybe turquoise rainbows? I’m not sure.

Before entering the shop I knew I wanted a second species of fish that I didn’t have before. I wanted maybe a pair of something bigger. I first thought about a pair of Dwarf Gourami’s. After seeing them almost motionless in the tank, although beautiful, I decided against it. My Diamonds are very aggressive eaters, I was afraid the Gourami’s would miss out on food due to their passive nature.

The shop assistant suggested Rainbows, and I’ve seen how big the Boesemani get. The blue Rainbow fish are smaller fully grown so they’ll be fine. I got excited and opted for these.

The offer was for four. I realised afterwards that a minimum of 6 should be kept together. However it’s important that you keep the same ratio of male to females. So once they mature and I can ID their sex i’ll be adding another 2 to match their sex.

The thing with Rainbow fish is that they’re often described as ‘dull’ at their juvenile (infant) stage. It’s when they mature their colours really start to come through. So i’ll be looking forward to seeing that. However I can see a lot of the blue already.

The Diamond Tetras I bought were all different sizes. Which is funny because normally when you buy fish of the same species they’re all the same size. However one of the Diamonds in this new bath, is easily twice the size as some of the others, he’s a beast. I didn’t even realise Diamond Tetras grew this big. It’ll be interesting to see if he grows any bigger. you should be able to spot him in my videos.

The Rainbows and the extra 8 Diamond Tetras settled in really well. After a couple of hours they started eating.. aggressively with the rest. Just so you can see what I mean about the ‘aggressive’ eating behaviour I mentioned, see my video below.