LED Aquarium Light Fixture For Fish Tanks

Cheap aquarium LED lights to grow plants

Most aquariums these days don’t use the old fashioned light bulbs on their tanks, they’re using cheap aquarium LED lights. Even to grow an abundance of plants you don’t need expensive lights. My lights only need to be on for 6-8 hours a day.

Compared to traditional bulbs

I used to have one of those aquariums with the plastic hood and built in light. The light was a bulb. I didn’t realise how much I was missing out on LED lights until I switched over. The bulbs in the hood gave off a yellowish light in comparison to the bright white LED lights and they also got very hot. LED lights are very eco friendly and actually cost a lot less to run.

Eco friendly, cost effective and much brighter

The LED lights on the other hand don’t get warm, and give off a much brighter, white light, illuminating parts of the tank I couldn’t see before. The lights also grew my plants better, which was amazing considering I only paid £49.99 for a 4ft lighting system.

What’s good is that you can buy these in various sizes for any tank. I have two, as well as the 4ft mentioned above, I have a smaller one on my Shrimp tank, 2ft long for just £23.99, and the plants have took off. These days the only lights you want to be spending your money on are the LED kind.

Example of plant growth

These are my tanks below, using no ferts, no co2 and the above mentioned LED lights. Removing the hood and having the lights sit on the glass rim also looks very modern and stylish. You can buy this same model at Amazon.

4ft (140L) planted tank update Cheap aquarium LED lights Rimless tank aquarium with Panda Cory's and Red Cherry Shrimp Cheap aquarium LED lights Cheap aquarium LED lights

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