Pothos in the shrimp and neon tetra tank

Adding Pothos to improve aquarium water quality is something many people do. It’s very easy and anyone can do it. Buy Pothos here from Amazon. Looking at some of the more elaborate aquascapes you may see a bunch of leaves swirling their way out of the aquarium and down the side of the tank. This could […]

outdoor aquarium plant tub

The summer is slowly creeping around the corner and my garden is getting lots of sun. Time to set up an outdoor aquarium plant tub to take full advantage and experiment. A standard plastic tub, that sits outside in direct sunlight, and grows aquarium plants. It’s more of an experiment to see if it will […]

Practical Fish Keeping Me and My Tank

Practical Fish Keeping April ’17 Issue 4 I own a monthly magazine subscription that I pay yearly for, called PFK (Practical Fish Keeping) and was always interested in the ‘Me & My Tank’ section. This section is great because it displays a double page spread of fish keeping amateurs, like myself, and displays a series of […]

I got back from my holiday in Mallorca, 3 days ago and I took full advantage to capture fish on video camera, in the sea, with my GoPro. The quality from the GoPro is supposed to be 1080p, but it’s not actually that good. However it’s not terrible quality, so have a look. Swallowing seawater […]

Add kieransfish.co.uk on Instagram!

This site has now been moved to a new domain kieransfish.co.uk Yes, that’s a real domain name. Pretty swanky I know. The previous domain was fish.kieranhunter.co.uk this is all well and good, but it’s a subdomain. Which means it should be in relation to kieranhunter.co.uk my web and illustration profile site. Which it has nothing to […]

kierans_ft Instagram Account

New Instagram account, purely for my aquarium and fish pics.. yes, fish pics. @kieransfish.co.uk I love Instagram and use it frequently, but realised my account was slowly getting filled up with pictures of fish, and shrimp alike. So I decided to create a separate account just so I can freely spam lush green plants, and […]