Nano blackwater aquarium with neon tetras

This is my first time setting up a Nano Blackwater Aquarium, the neon tetra biotope is something iv always wanted to recreate. By nano, I mean 60 litres. Its a special tank, one that’s meant for turtles. So its long (80cm) but not very wide or high, its 30cm wide, and only 24.5cm high! That’s very shallow. Considering such small dimensions, this tank is great for a small, fast swimming fish.

Staurogyne repens carpet plant aquarium aquascape

The 64 litre shrimp/neon Tetra tank had overgrown to the point where no light was entering the tank. The fish were happy as ever, obviously. But the tank looked a bit overgrown, and a bit of a mess. To stem my boredomĀ of this tank, I decided to rescape the whole tank. Complete re-scape Doing a […]

Planted tank before the new aquascape

How I removed BBA. Iv never had a tank without plants. So to be honest ripping out all my plants and being able to see everything was something I wanted to experience. A fresh start. The reason I recently done this (recent to this post) is to completely remove BBA (Black Beard Algae). My only […]

outdoor aquarium plant tub

The summer is slowly creeping around the corner and my garden is getting lots of sun. Time to set up an outdoor aquarium plant tub to take full advantage and experiment. A standard plastic tub, that sits outside in direct sunlight, and grows aquarium plants. It’s more of an experiment to see if it will […]