4ft fish tank aquarium planted tank

Read all posts about my new 4ft fish tank. Having only been in my new house for two weeks I still haven’t had my internet setup. This has gave me the opportunity to set up my new 4ft fish tank, and obsessively mess about with it. I posted before that I wanted the new tank to […]

Rimless tank aquarium with Panda Cory's and Red Cherry Shrimp

When cleaning out my main tank (64 Litres) I took the lid off so I could get into it, and noticed how nice it would be if it was a rimless aquarium. See previous post for more detail A few days later I pulled out the big piece of driftwood that was shaped like a tree, […]

Rimless heavily planted aquarium, with an LED lighting fixture

When recently taking the big plastic lid off my aquarium I realised how nice, and modern the tank looked without it, as a rimless aquarium. It is a kind of old-fashioned tank design, having those big plastic hoods with the built in lights that come with an aquarium. However, removing the lid meant no light […]