Blue rainbow fish in a planted tank

I went to the aquarium shop knowing that I would be purchasing more Diamond Tetras to add to the boisterous shoal that I already have. 10 Diamonds strong. I bought another 8 as their deal was £10 for 4. You don’t mess with 18 Diamond Tetras. I didn’t know that I would also be coming home […]

Neon Tetras in a planted tank

I have to admit, these amazing little fish were an impulse buy, neon tetras. Neon Tetras are one of the most popular fish in the aquarium hobby. However I have never really kept them properly. They’re small, cheap and very colourful. I bought 6 of them, to go in my little 30 litre, Dennerle Shrimp […]

white cloud mountain minnows

I kept White Cloud Mountain Minnows (WCMM) for quite a while. First as a beginner, and then as an experienced fish keeper I really got to enjoy them. WCMM are very popular beginner fish These fish are very popular mainly because they’re cheap, small, and don’t require a heater in their aquarium. Although optimum temperature […]

cabomba aquarium plant caused mass shrimp deaths red cherry shrimp

Just recently I bought a load of new plants (Cabomba, my new favourite) for my main tank. I got them off eBay, they came lush and looked very nice. Within minuets of adding the plants, my Shrimp where literally dropping to the substrate on their backs, barely moving. Within minuets I had piles of dead Shrimp. Bearing […]

fish food kept in air tight sealed jars fresh

I’ve read a few articles on how long fish food, generally lasts for. Although technically you can keep fish food for years, once the food has been opened it seems the nutrients etc will begin to deplete after about 6 months, this is when you should chuck it away. In my opinion fish food doesn’t cost a lot, and […]

Ember Tetra in a planted tank macro canon photography

As my filtration is pretty overkill I thought id add some more fish to the tank to liven it up a bit. Small, colourful fish. Ember Tetras grow to a maximum 2cm, and they’re bright orange. Another great thing is that they are mid level swimmers. With my White Cloud Mountain Minnows (WCMM) being literal […]

Hatching Brine Shrimp

UPDATE: Although I think set-up was correct and Brine Shrimp did hatch, they didn’t last long. I might try this again in the summer when it’s warmer. I wanted the Brine Shrimp to reach adulthood to feed my fully grown fish. So I sometimes feed my fish frozen Brine Shrimp. And recently realised people raise […]