Testing water parameters with the API Test Kit

Harmful chemicals in the aquarium build up very quickly, here I’ll talk about how to test your aquarium water parameters the most effective way. By water parameters I mean how high certain chemicals are in the water. We want to test how high certain harmful chemicals are in the tank. To test these, most people use the […]

rocks in the planted aquarium

Believe it or not, there is some preparation involved before adding any rock to an aquarium. Most rocks will be absolutely fine, however it’s best to avoid any problems. Rocks on display at an aquarium shop will always pretty much be safe. Some rocks however are for Marine tanks only. They can drastically alter the water […]

Aquael Pat Mini sponge filter review for shrimps

My original filter My shrimp tank started off with a standard air driven, sponge shrimp filter. One of those that use an airline and a noisy pump. A pretty simple, great filter for shrimp, that is very common. While this wasn’t extremely powerful, it was very, very noisy. This air powered pump was very loud, […]