driftwood, bogwood, tree, aquarium, aquascaping

I’m going to have to stop going into that fish shop I think, I can’t leave without buying something. Popped in, got an amazing piece of Driftwood, that’s shaped like a big Tree, with lots of twisting branches, and some real nice, lush green leafed plants to dot around it. I bought these to replace […]

driftwood / bogwood for the aquarium

Wood, in this case, bogwood, or driftwood is a great addition to any aquarium. Personally I think it’s because it looks natural. In my opinion, natural wood is better than any resin ornament. Just like real plants are a lot better than silk plants (mainly because of their benefit to water quality) but also because […]

New plants added to the planted tank

Bought some more plants from my local fish store today, for my main tank, and thought I’d show some plant progress. After looking at my Shrimp tank and how much of a forest it is, my main tank looked a bit bare. So I bought a few more plants that should really pack the tank […]