Kieran Hunter's Fish Blog

About me

I’m Kieran, from England and i’m a web designer.

I’m very much into keeping fish and the aquarium hobby. So much so, that I decided to create my own personal blog about it. I write posts mainly about my tank updates, new plants, equipment and the fish themselves. I’m still learning, and teaching. Im currently active on YouTube so click this link to watch all my videos.

kieran hunter kierans fishThe aquarium hobby is getting more and more popular which means it’s very important that new people starting out, do things properly, for the sake of the fish. Even in todays times, just about anybody can buy aquarium fish, but not everybody is educated enough in this particular field to keep them properly.

My blog and other online aquarium forums are here to try and educate newcomers on how to properly keep fish, and their habitats.

Every photo on this site is my own, unless stated otherwise, like a link to a product or something.

To date I currently keep

300L 4ft aquarium. This houses Bosemani Rainbowfish, Siamese Algae eaters, Panda Corys & Ember Tetras.

60L 3ft shallow aquarium. In here I have Neon Tetras, lots of plants and some nice emerged Echinodorus Argentine that are growing out of the water.

500L pond I made myself using decking boards. The pond sits ontop of the patio and uses a bog filter for filtration. It has a couple goldfish, and the plants grow really well.

Some of my older aquariums

Nano blackwater aquarium with neon tetras kierans fish tank kieran hunter 64 litre shrimp and neon tetra planted tank
how to reinforce an aquarium stand
Vase Shrimp Tank Dennerle nano shrimp planted tank cube 30 litres Rimless tank aquarium with Panda Cory's and Red Cherry Shrimp

I post most of my pictures to my Instagram account. I also have a YouTube channel, where I upload videos of my tanks, such as rescaping time lapses.

Email me: hello(at)