Blue rainbow fish in a planted tank

4ft Planted Tank Update (140L)

This is a quick update on my 4ft planted tank (140 Litres).

Very recently Iv had a problem with all my lush green plants going a bit brown. An algae infestation.

Diamond Tetra in a planted tank Blue rainbow fish in a planted tank

Some BBA (Black Beard Algae), and just a general browning, across the tank. After having stared at it for a few days I came to the realisation that the only thing to do was to rip out all the browned plants.

I removed a bucket load. Maybe 50% of my plants were removed. Upon the bulldozing I also created a lot more space and some really nice planted areas.

4ft planted tank update (140L)
This is actually after I removed about 50% of my plants. Still nice and bushy though right?

With the plants removed, I was happy. The tank still looked good. All is now right with the world. The fishes world anyway. One thing to remember though, even though algae looks really bad, especially BBA, and the browning you can get, algae is actually harmless to fish.

Still, It doesn’t hurt to get in their and get your hands wet. If you don’t like it, change it.