Nano Shrimp Tank

Setting up my 12 Litre Nano Shrimp Tank – Part 5 (Final)

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So this is the final part to the development of my little 12 Litre Nano Shrimp Tank. I will of course post updates in the future, but as for the development it’s pretty much complete.

The tank is now set up, and the Red Cherry Shrimp have been acclimatised.

I only have three at the moment, and they’re slowly moving about, but they have been in there over a week now so the conditions must be safe. I think ill soon be adding another three Shrimp, just to make them feel more comfortable.

The only thing that bothers me are all the dead leaves and gunk floating around the tank, but it’s just too small to scoop it all out, and I really, really don’t want to uproot anything. I’ll leave it to sort it self out for now.

The very last thing I’ve done is trim all the plants that were growing out the top of the tank into open air, this will also encourage branching at the cut off points so I’ll get a more thicker foliage.

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