Custom High Gloss Black Fish Tank Lid with LED Light

Setting up my 12 Litre Nano Shrimp Tank – Part 4

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Tested the water in the Nano Shrimp Tank for ammonia last Monday, the tank had nearly been set up for a week. No Ammonia was found which is great news.

Because there isn’t a cycle, there wont be any hints of nitrite or nitrate. Ammonia however could be present due to it seeping through from the soil, as the soil harbours all sorts of chemicals, mostly beneficial for the plants to grow.

I don’t think the Dwarf Baby Tears are doing too well, there are some browning of the leaves. They are supposedly hard to grow, requiring loads of fertilisers and Co2 dosing is usually needed. It’s only been a week since I set this tank up however so I’ll see how the plants do until they get really bad, then I’ll replace them with an easier carpeting plant or some Anubias.

Custom High Gloss Black Fish Tank Lid on the Nano Shrimp Tank, with LED Light

I’m going to test the water again on Friday, and if there is still no Ammonia present, I should be getting the Shrimp Saturday! (That makes it two weeks from initial set-up).

I’ll post an update on the new shrimp, and how I acclimatise them to the new tank this weekend.

Update, still have slight traces of ammonia in the Shrimp tank, so going to leave it another week.

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