64 Litre Aquarium rescape natural look

Rescape of Kieran’s 64L and Panda Corys

Tuesday 3.11.15

Now that my tank doesn’t contain a large Fluval U2 submersible filter (as I bought a new external canister filter) and neither any Bristle Nose catfish it’s time for a rescape. I realised I can change the layout quite a bit. Originally having a large piece of bog wood, and now a large gap where the internal filter was.

Read about how I set up my Fluval 206 Canister Filter.

Also, my unit that the tank sat on couldn’t house my new Fluval 206 external filter and looked ugly on the side, atop a bucket. So I bought a new wooden unit that houses the filter beautifully inside one of the doors, plus all the plugs go inside aswell, it’s also twice the length, ready for an upgrade on the tank 😉 (all part of my plan!).

So I knew I was going to have to empty 90% of the water to lift the tank when exchanging the units, so thought it would be the perfect time to rescape it at the same time.

I had all my plants ready, Anubias, Amazon Sword, Java Moss, Valis, Dwarf Hair Grass, and another plant I’m not sure what it is.

I really wanted to heavily plant the tank, and not have as many ornaments or rocks so I could have a large open area, as I have fast swimming White Clouds.

I bought a nice piece of what I think is Seiryu stone, and a smaller piece of driftwood to tie moss on (it looks better than I thought), like a little mossy cave.

I got a bit annoyed planting the plants and still need to try and place them in a little bit better, destroying the stems as I push them into the sand. They also need to fill out a bit more and grow into the gaps.

I currently have 6 WCMM, 7 baby WCMM, 6 Red Cherry Shrimp, and I also found a tiny, tiny baby shrimp when emptying the tank which was lucky as it would have been destroyed in the rescape, and my Assassin Snail. I’m thinking of getting some little Panda Corys to occupy the bottom area of the tank.

I love the new design, it’s a lot more natural, and there is a load more space as well as there being lots more places to hide.

After soaking all the carpet, wooden units and myself, and getting all stressed out (even though I love doing it), I’m very happy with it!

Saturday 7.11.15

Just got 6 little panda Cory’s from Maidenhead aquatics in solihull. They’re just settling in with the lights off.

Tank pictures below. Cory pictures will come later.

Update: Introducing my new Panda Corydoras

Cabinet for fish tank pine enclosure external filter

aquarium fish tank stripped down for rescape

empty fish tank aquarium for rescape with plants

side for of planted aquarium fish tank

Side view of fish tank planted aquarium red cherry shrimp

aquarium planted tank rock decorations Seiryu stone

64 Litre Aquarium rescape natural look