how to reinforce an aquarium stand

Replacing the Dennerle Shrimp Tank

This 64 litre used to be my main tank. After upgrading to the 4ft, it’s been in my loft. Iv posted a load of posts about the 64 litre.

I currently have a 30 litre Dennerle cube tank sat on an IKEA unit that I recently reinforced. I reinforced the unit specifically to hold the weight of a larger tank. As beautiful as this tank is, the 64 litre will be replacing it. See how I reinforced the IKEA unit here.

64 Litre Shrimp tank

The 64 litre tank has nearly the same surface area as the unit, so it will look really nice. I recently bought 6 Neons, specifically because I knew I’d be getting a larger tank. Personally I don’t think any fish, aside from a Betta, will do well in a 30cm square tank. So they’ll appreciate the larger space.

The tank will still be a low maintenance shrimp tank, just with a few Neons. Simple sponge filter and lots of plants. The shrimps didn’t do so well in the 30 litre so hopefully with a larger water volume they’ll have a better chance. The general rule is the more water the easier it is to maintain good water quality.

All I need is more gravel as the tank bottom surface area is now twice as large. The Neons should love it, as so will the new shrimp, once I have them.

This is the current tank. No Shrimp left, 6 Neons. I will be replacing this with a 64 litre, and adding Red Cherry Shrimp.