Dennerle 30 litre shrimp tank cube before set-up LED lights

New Dennerle shrimp tank cube, from Pro Shrimp

I say nano.. it’s going to be a 30L Dennerle Shrimp Tank.


I ordered my 30 Litre Nano Shrimp cube from Pro Shrimp. A great little site dedicated to Shrimp. This is just an introductory post, It haven’t been delivered yet. The above image is from a couple of days after writing this post.

This will be the first post about this tank series.

The tank is made by Dennerle, a German company, dedicated to Shrimp and nano aquariums. I have previously mentioned some liquid fertiliser I use from Dennerle.

I’m not one to horde, so in getting this new Nano Shrimp Cube I will be getting rid of my 12L nano shrimp tank, and also my Shrimp Vase. I will be combining the few Shrimp that are in these tanks. The plants & decor will also be from these tanks. Merging the two.

The Cube

It’s quite a big cube for a shrimp only tank, measuring at 30cm x 30xm x 35cm, and holding 30 Litres. Not bad. Dennerle also do a 10 litre, and a 20 litre.

As with all aquatic animals, the bigger their tank, the better off they will be, so always go with what you can afford and the room you have.

I have about 10 Shrimp that will go in there. A 50 Watt Nano heater that is a little underpowered, and a noisy cheap air sponge filter. The lighting unit I have is also a bit ugly. I think i’ll get the tank and set it up first before I start replacing any filters or heating units.

I’ll use a bit of soil on the bottom just to boost the plants, and some very fine black substrate. I also ordered called Dennerle Shrimp Gravel Sulawesi Black. I have various driftwood from the other two Shrimp tanks, and a load of common stones I got from the garden. I’ve spent way too much recently on rocks and twigs from the LFS so I’m going to try and cope with what I have.

I just hope I can make it look as beautiful as all these aquascaped nano tanks on YouTube that i’ve been watching. They’ve really got me excited, my end result is always no where near close to theirs though.

See how this tank build turned out