Ember Tetra in a planted tank macro canon photography

My new Ember Tetras!

As my filtration is pretty overkill I thought id add some more fish to the tank to liven it up a bit. Small, colourful fish.

Ember Tetras grow to a maximum 2cm, and they’re bright orange. Another great thing is that they are mid level swimmers. With my White Cloud Mountain Minnows (WCMM) being literal surface swimmers, and all my Panda Cory’s on the bottom, 8 Ember Tetras swimming in the middle is perfect.

Ember Tetra

Ember Tetras like lots of plants, and prefer a dark substrate, perfect for my tank. As these fish are so small, it’s important that there are no boisterous fish in the tank that may bully them.

My WCMM don’t chase the Embers at all, and occasionally an Ember will school with the White Clouds, which is funny.

Ember Tetras in a planted tank macro canon photography

With all fish, it is suggested you should quarantine them for something like 4-6 weeks before adding them to your tank with your other fish. I only did it for a week, as I thought after a week of settling down and lowering their stress levels they would be better off in the main tank.

Before I purchased the fish, I set up a large clear plastic container, like a storage box to quarantine them. Added an old filter inside, with filter media from my main tank which would instantly cycle the temporary tank for the new fish. A little heater, and no lights. Having no lights, and just natural light from the window to allow night/daytime cycle helps to reduce stress once you’ve carried them all the way from the fish shop.

Ember Tetras in a planted tank macro canon photography

I tried to feed them every day, but they were so skittish I wasn’t sure if they had got any, and I didn’t want to overfeed. After a week I introduced them to the main tank. I think quarantining them for a week definitely helped their stress levels when I added them to the main tank. Sometimes when adding new fish, their colours can dull, and they will hide. They seemed to explore a lot and dart around within the same day of introducing them, and they coloured up pretty fast too.

A month today, and they’re all still doing fine. Their colours are absolutely beautiful. If I do get a larger tank i’ll be sure to double their numbers.

I’m also very proud of my photo of one of my larger ember Tetras, shot with a Canon 450D using a 90mm Tamron Macro Lens.