Juvenile Red Cherry Shrimp

Nano Shrimp Tank Update

So the shrimp are in!

More Red Cherry Shrimp. The original three have been in for 3 and a half weeks, and I recently added another 6 last weekend due to the first three being a success.

2 have died very recently, I’m not sure why, the new 6 were acclimatised the same way. I have tested the water for ammonia and nitrite and its absolutely fine. I think it could be due to weak shrimp, or it’s just one of those things.

So now I have 7 shrimp, I’m really hoping that no more die.

The plants have taken really well, and I’ve been netting out the dirt and dead leaves from the tank and it’s looking really nice and clean.

There are a few pest snails in there so I may drop in an Assassin snail if it’s gets out of control.

What I noticed also is a load of little white creatures crawling around the glass, and I’m pretty sure they’re tiny Shrimp babies, I really hope so. I won’t be counting on it though just yet, will just have to see what happens. My main tank has had Shrimp babies, tiny shrimp’s chilling all around the tank, in the moss and on the leaves. I’ve had Shrimp babies before but only one or two at a time, I counted seven babies which means there are probably a lot more.

I’ll be getting a new camera lens soon so I should be able to start taking some really nice up-close shots of Shrimp and Shrimp babies. The above photo is the best I could do with the standard Canon Lens that I have.

My goal is to have a tank swarming with Red Cherry Shrimp.