30 litre dennerle shrimp tank aquascaping

Nano cube shrimp tank from Dennerle – Part 1

My nano cube shrimp tank arrived and it was just as I imagined, great quality and beautiful in appearance, made by Dennerle, and ordered from ProShrimp.

It’s a 30 Litre cubed tank, a good size for a Shrimp tank. Read the introductory first post here.

Day 1

I bought a few plants from the LFS that afternoon, as I knew the tank had been delivered. I also ordered some with the tank, as well as having a load in my current shrimp tank. Moss balls, Java moss, and Anubis etc. I also purchased some Crypts. I’m not expecting the grass type plants to thrive, they would probably need co2.

I added a baby Amazon Sword plant that was in my main tank. The parent Sword must have shot a runner off, as it was a totally separate plant.

I also bought some Cabomba, I thought I’d give it a try as I’v never had it before but noticed its popularity. I really like it, it feels really nice. It’s like mossy, I think that’s why people use it in Shrimp tanks. Hopefully its really easy to grow too.

Mixed crypts aquarium fish tank plants grass aquarium fish tank plants grass crypts propagated split

I collected some large round stones from the garden and washed them, as well as scrubbing them with white vinegar to ensure they were inert and didn’t fizz.

Dennerle substrate black

I used two bags of Dennerle black Quartz shrimp gravel which is absolutely beautiful, I don’t think you could wish for a nicer substrate. Didn’t use soil this time as it gets everywhere and creates a huge mess. When using soil as a base layer you’ll always end up with a layer of dirt sitting on your substrate. Especially after moving the rocks and pulling up plants.

30 litre dennerle shrimp tank aquascaping 30 litre dennerle shrimp tank aquascaping 30 litre dennerle shrimp tank aquascaping

I rinsed the bags of substrate out, and emptied them into the tank. Stuffed as many plants into the tank as I could. Tied some Java moss, and some Anubis to a piece of driftwood.

I’m currently using a 100 Watt heater, and a small air line sponge filter. The heater is a bit too large though, and the filter is noisy as it trickles.

nano shrimp tank on computer desk
My current 12 Litre shrimp tank that i’ll be dismantling. I’m currently acclimating my new Zebra Nerite snail in this photo.

After the water clears and the temperature rises ill introduce the small group of Red Cherry Shrimp I currently have in my little 12 Litre shrimp tank, i’ll be dismantling that tank afterwards. Keeping my tank collection to just the two.

After adding the hardscape, I continued to add the rest of the plants. Planting them in the gaps and all around the back.

30 litre dennerle shrimp tank aquascaping
The Cabomba plants at the back, excuse the cloudy water.

30 litre dennerle shrimp tank aquascaping 30 litre dennerle shrimp tank aquascaping

The tank is only half completed and the pictures don’t do it justice! I’ll be completing it tomorrow and i’ll post part 2. I have recorded the tank with a GoPro when I was doing this, not sure how good it will look but i’ll edit it all and speed it up, like all those very cool aquascaping videos on YouTube.