64 litre planted aquarium

Last rescape of my 64 litre aquarium

Not my last one ever! my last one in this tank, until.. I upgrade!

I’m writing this a few days after the re-scape.

So when Im talking about the new upgraded tank, I actually don’t have any of my tank parts yet, including the actual tank. It’s more of a plan, that i’m 100% confident will happen.

I wrote a post before this, explaining what I’m going to do and what the new tank will be.

However I was itching to get my hands in the water and mess around. I pulled out all my Cabomba plants as they were getting really scraggy and the leaves were coming off, blocking the filter intake and floating around. So I ripped them all out.

I think it’s a good idea to actively change your aquarium around. Even if, as in my case it means ripping plants out and re-planting them (the Amazon Sword is a pain for this, it has a huge, thick base). Also it breaks up territories that the fish have established so it reduces aggression.

If you’re bored of looking at the tank, you’re going to neglect it. So get your hands in there and mess about.

The tank is a lot more bare now, you can see the back a lot more, which is something I always try to hide. However it’s refreshing to look at, and the plants will grow in more. Also you can see more of the mid-height grass (Vallis) that has started to spread.

Before and after photos below:

Planted tank aquascape, rescape designPlanted tank aquascape, rescape design