Interpet LED Lighting System

Interpet LED Blue Moon light

The purpose of the Interpet LED Blue Moon Lighting System is to provide a subtle blue moonlight to your tank, I didn’t want my main tank light on for over 12 hours but I still wanted to be able to see my fish, late at night.

I couldn’t get a very good photo under the blue light, so it doesn’t do it any justice.

Got it through the post yesterday. It’s a single strip of LEDs in a glass tube. You can get larger triple strip versions which becomes quite expensive. Managed to get it for about £16 off Amazon.

Standard waterproof strips of LED lights are available off the internet for dirt cheap but I really wanted good quality and for everything to look really nice, avoiding the DIY look. So I opted for the more expensive, official aquarium light.

It really is a beautiful light in both terms of quality, efficiency and how it illuminates the tank.

I can still see my fish, and they don’t have to deal with 12 straight hours of bright light.

It comes with little brackets that you can attach to the tank in three different ways, all fittings supplied. Screws, sticky back tape or suckers, as the light is also submersible.

I stuck it to the top of my tank lid with the sticky back tape provided. After you attach the brackets you can easily remove the light by gently pulling it out the bracket clips. The tape was strong at first but I came home to the light dangling in the water, as I think the evaporated water on the lid must have made it unstick, luckily they provided suckers which have been holding it up nicely ever since.

The light set-up is very easy and everything looks to be really good quality. Would definitely recommend.