Aquarium rescape, with new Cabomba plants

Doing a huge aquarium rescape


I ripped out all the plants in the left side of the tank and replanted the off cuttings. They looked firmly in place and had taken root. So I then decided to do the same to the right hand side.

An aquarium rescape is a tough decision, to rip apart the tank, but it’s definitely worth it if there’s something you’re unhappy with. It can be refreshing.

Pick the part you like least, and make it the best.

Leaving the huge Amazon Sword in place I decided to change it up and go for Cabomba. As this plant looks so good in my Shrimp tank I decided to give it a try in the main tank. My 64 litre.

Aquarium rescape, with new Cabomba plants
Tank before the change


When removing all your plants, make sure you have everything prepared. Towels mainly. Turn the filter off and take out a load of water so you can really get your hands and arms in there, without water overflowing.

The water will get very cloudy and there’s going to be bits of plants and detritus floating around everywhere. Don’t worry about all this, it will clear up when you switch the filter back on.

This is a good opportunity to prune any dying or unsightly leaves, and give the tank a good clean.

Aquarium rescape, with new Cabomba plants


I love aquarium plants, but planting them quickly enrages me. It’s awkward and very fiddly, especially with delicate, thin stemmed plants like Cabomba that can easily snap.

It’s always worth it though. Plants are beneficial to fish, helping with the water conditions.

The new Cabomba looked great, and hardly any of it died. It’s still growing nicely. When planting new plants check the intake of the filter as it can sometimes get clogged up quickly from all the new leaves floating around.

Aquarium rescape, with new Cabomba plants