Future plans for a new fish tank

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In a couple of weeks I will be moving into my first home. As exciting as that may be, the bit I can’t wait for is when I upgrade my tank. Let’s get our priorities straight.

I currently own a 64 litre aquarium, which is roughly 2 foot long. I’ll be upgrading to a 4 foot long aquarium. So something between 180 – 240 litres. This gives me the opportunity to really have a proper sized aquarium with more fish.


I ended up buying a glass only 4ft (48x15x12 inch) aquarium. It holds 140 litre’s. It’s a beautiful tank from Clear-Seal. I’ll be writing more on it as soon as I start setting it up!

48x12x15 Aquaseal 4 foot fish tank
I purchased the tank shortly after this post was written.


First thing I’ll need is another external canister filter. So I’ll be running two at the same time. However I may try another brand of filter instead, something larger but cheaper. As i know my trusty Fluval 206 external canister filter wont let me down i could try another, cheaper brand, rather than two the same.

I may also get another heater. I bought a lovely Eheim aquarium heater recently, so I may need a larger one, or just another of the same size. Rather than a single large heater, i’ve read it’s better to have two smaller ones encase one fails, the other will still heat the tank.


The most exciting, yet time consuming part will be scaping the tank. I’ll be adding a few rocks of different sizes, but mostly i’ll be using a load of different plants. I usually like to plant the whole back of the tank covering about 60% of the floor area, filling in all the gaps.

The reason i use so many plants is mostly because they make the tank look really natural and really nice, but also because they provide extra filtration.

I probably wont bother buying any new plants as the new set up will cost quite a bit as it is. So what ill be doing is propagating my plants, which means cutting the tops off and planting the trimmings. So at first it will look odd as all the plants will be really low, but they’ll soon grow in and fill the tank.


When it comes to substrate I use the really nice fine black gravel. Its not quite as fine as sand so its not as messy, but its so much nicer than standard aquarium gravel. The grains are naturally black and very smooth, to ensure fish such as Cory’s and Pleco’s won’t wear away their barbels when sifting through it.

As nice as it is, its expensive when you need a lot of it. I’ll roughly be using 20kg so my substrate is at least 1 inch deep. Im going to re-use the gravel in my current tank too, as this will have lots of beneficial bacteria still in it, and lots of nutrients for the plants.


Once everything is complete and settled ill be buying more fish. Its always best not to rush into buying new fish, as exciting as it may be.

I’m thinking of adding a big group of Lemon Tetras. They’re twice as big as my Ember Tetras reaching up to 5cm. And once they settle in they turn a nice yellow colour. Ill be buying as many as i can as they like to shoal.

The contrast of yellow and bright orange with my Ember Tetras should be really good, and they should get on fine.

Ive never had a problem with my current group of Panda Corys, none have died and have never looked ill so i’ll be adding more. I may double their numbers to 12, so i’ll need to buy another 6. A large group of Cory’s would be great to watch. More chance of babies too.

I am even thinking of getting a pair of Dwarf Gouramis. But that’s something I’ll think about in the very distant future. I know nothing about these fish and may already be too overstocked. But as far as bigger fish go, these are probably something I would get in the long term.

I’ll update as soon as I get something in place. But it won’t be until I move in. I’ll also be talking about a quarantine setup that i’ll be doing to make use of my current 64 litre tank.

Read all posts about my new 4ft fish tank.