Feeding Blood Worms

Feeding Frozen Blood Worms

Once a week I like to feed frozen blood worms to all my fish.

Frozen blood worms are seen as a treat, as most fish love them. I also think it offers the fish a variety in taste and texture as well as a variety in nutrition.

Feeding Blood Worms

Frozen blood worms can be purchased for cheap on Amazon. And stored for long periods of time.

They mostly come in a blister pack and are shaped as multiple cubes like ice cubes, and then can be fed periodically. I like to thaw the cubes in a little bit of tank water first, just before feeding.

Feeding Blood Worms

Most people prefer frozen foods to live food, mainly because frozen food can’t contain harmful infections like parasites whereas live food can, also frozen food is more practical as you can bung it in your freezer.

Here’s a short video I recorded on my iPhone, mind the bad quality at the start.