white cloud mountain minnows

My experience with White Cloud Mountain Minnows

I kept White Cloud Mountain Minnows (WCMM) for quite a while. First as a beginner, and then as an experienced fish keeper I really got to enjoy them.

WCMM are very popular beginner fish

These fish are very popular mainly because they’re cheap, small, and don’t require a heater in their aquarium. Although optimum temperature is around 18c. This problem this poses is that possible tank mates are limited, as most tropical fish require warmer conditions.

Although these fish are very small, they need a lot more room than other fish of similar size, as they’re very energetic. They require a longer tank than most. WCMM are very boostrious, in a fun way, they chase each other and dart around very quickly. A lid is definitely needed.

Very active fish

This is one of the main reasons I enjoyed them so much. As well as being very active they also go crazy at feeding times. They used to eat frozen bloodworms straight from the pipett before I even got chance to squirt them into the water. These fish will eat almost anything including insects that fall into the water.

When it comes to reproducing, the males will hover along side each other and display their bright red fins which is fantastic to watch.

Easy to breed

Also they’re relatively easy to breed. Mine had babies without me doing anything and some grew into adults.

So as well as being a cheap beginner fish, they are full of character and shouldn’t be mistaken as otherwise.

Here’s a video I did of my WCMM fish fry a while ago.