Red Cherry Shrimp Mulberry Leaves

Dried Mulberry leaves for Red Cherry Shrimp

I recently seen somebody on Instagram post a picture of what turned out to be a Mulberry leaf, swarmed by Red Cherry Shrimp.

So after finding out what the leaf was I immediately ordered some off eBay.

£3.69 for 10g of dried Mulberry leafs.

Dried Mulberry Leaves Litter

After some research turns out a good way to apply it to the tank is to let it steep first in a cup of boiling hot water like you would a tea bag. Reason being it breaks down the leafs cell barrier for the Shrimp to eat it. However some people have said they just apply the leafs straight away.

I weighed the leaf down so it sunk to the bottom. At first not much response but a few hours later and the leaf was covered in Shrimp.

Eventually they stripped the leaf down to the stem!

Red Cherry Shrimp Mulberry Leaves

This was very suprising, they must love it. I added a second leaf and a day later it suffered the same fate. I would definitely recommend adding these leafs as an addition to your Shrimps diet.

I don’t know if letting them eat too much Mulberry leaf is bad for them, so ill feed sparingly but it has to be a nice treat for them, judging by how they strip it down to the last strand.