Custom High Gloss Black Fish Tank Lid

DIY light housing unit for my Nano Shrimp Tank

While my Nano Shrimp Tank is maturing, I had my dad build me a makeshift hood, so I could attach my lighting unit to the top. Although the light is suitable, it’s cheap, and lets the visual aspect of the tank down.

The lid is made from solid aluminium, with black gloss paint on the top and sides. I got him to leave the underside of the lid unpainted, as the natural, shiny metal will reflect the light back into the tank, giving it a boost.

The lid matches the kitchen, and it fits perfectly resting on the top. The light is attached to the underside with some strong double sided, foam sticky tape.

The moisture from the tank wont effect the tape as there is a very thin plastic lid that come with the tank, resting directly on the rim, capturing moisture.

Custom High Gloss Black Fish Tank Lid, DIY light housing with LED Light