Nano Shrimp Tanks, Vase

Adding a Nano heater to my 12 Litre Shrimp Tank

The kitchen Shrimp tank was hardly doing anything, as beautiful as it is. So iv moved it next to my main tank and my Shrimp Vase so I can show it some love.

The 6 RC Shrimp in there hardly move or come out to play, so iv decided I’m going to add a Nano heater. Hopefully this will liven them up and make them breed, I’m picturing a real Shrimp paradise.

Interpet 25W Nano Heater

The 25W Interpet Nano heater has a static temperature of 25c and this is what ill be using. With any heater though we also need some water flow, so a little ‘nano’ bubble wall has been implemented to bubble over the heater, distributing the heat evenly around the tank.

The issue

My Shrimp tank, having no heater, rarely reaches 18c, and my heater is 25c. When it comes to fish or shrimp you can’t just bang in a heater, they’ll become stressed or even die, especially with a 7c temperature climb.

Aquarium heating thermometer

My aim will be to raise the temperature by only 2c each day, to ensure no casualties and a comfortable change.

The plan is to first heat up a bucket of room temperature water, using a plug timer to turn the heater on for only an hour at a time. Then after 12 hours I’ll check the water temperature to see how high its climbed. If it’s gone too high, too fast or not got high enough in temperature ill adjust the timing on the socket as needed.

Lets see some Shrimp action.